Sub-Effect is an additional effect that units and codes usually have. It is written at the bottom section of the card. You may play sub-effect from your hand at any time according to its timing notation (Action or Reaction). Sub-effect is a different effect to that unit's or code's original ability. If you want to use a sub-effect, you must clearly tell your intention to your opponent that you "want to play that card's sub-effect".

The card used as a sub-effect, regardless of its original type, will be treated as a sub-effect instead (for example, if you use a code card as a sub-effect to Enchant, it is considered a sub-effect instead of a code). Therefore, that card will not be affected by abilities that cancel codes.

Types of Sub-EffectEdit

Originally, there were two kinds of sub-effects: unit cards Awakening and code cards' Enhancement. Chapter 3 introduced the third sub-effect: code cards' Torrent (while Enhancement now belongs to arms cards). These sub-effects have condition on when they can be used on a unit.

  • "FREE" means that it can target any of your units.
  • "Unit with the same name" means that it can only target a unit you control with the same name as that sub-effect.
  • "Type: X" means that it can only target any of your units with X type.


Sub-effect with "Awakening: [+n BP]" is a Reaction (Re) effect that can be played without a cost. Use it to your unit and it gains +n BP until the end of reaction chain.


Sub-effect with "Enhancement [1]" is an Action (Ac) effect that can be played also without a cost. Play it by targeting your unit, Close it, and Enchant it on the target (it usually [Strengthen] the Enchanted unit).