3A. Spear of Carved Seal
Product Information
Japanese Name 刻印ノ槍
Phonetic Kokuin no Yari
Release Date May 12th, 2016
Previous set Thunderclap Emperor
Next set Unknown

Spear of Carved Seal is a starter deck of Dreadnought TCG. It was released simultaneously with a booster pack. It is a mono-Green deck featuring Christoffer Bourbon and Fujiya Bertha, with Odin and Skadi as its trump cards.

The set's tagline is:


  • A preconstructed deck with 52 cards. (Including 36 sheets of 13 starter-only cards & 7 foiled ace cards)
  • Quick reference
  • Playmat
  • Rulebook
  • The illustrator for the Key Visual is 森沢晴行

Card ListEdit

Card No. Name Type Cluster Qty Rarity
3A-001 Christopher Bourbon Caster Green 1 ST
3A-002 Fujiya Belta Caster Green 1 ST
3A-003 Odin Unit Green 2 ST
3A-004 Gna Unit Green 4 ST
3A-005 Svafnir Unit Green 2 ST
3A-006 Skadi Unit Green 2 ST
3A-007 Skeggiold II Unit Green 4 ST
3A-008 Sleipnir Unit Green 2 ST
3A-009 Hild Unit Green 4 ST
3A-010 Hild II Unit Green 4 ST
3A-011 Moinn Unit Green 4 ST
3A-012 Ratatosk Unit Green 4 ST
3A-013 Lofn Unit Green 2 ST
3A-014 Dispel Code ALL 2 ST
3A-015 Destroy Code ALL 2 ST
3B-073 Rune of Yew, Eoh Code Green 2 C
3B-078 Rune of Thorn, Torn Code Green 2 C
3B-080 Rune of Wisent, Ullr Code Green 4 C
3B-082 Magic Sword, Gram Arms Green 4 U
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