1A. Blade of Blaze
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Product Information
Japanese Name 紅蓮ノ剱
Phonetic Guren no Tsurugi
Release Date May 28th, 2015
Next set Shield of Azure

Blade of Blaze is one of the first two starter decks of Dreadnought TCG. It was also released alongside the first booster pack. It is a mono-Red deck featuring Asahi Reiji and Ebisu Yui.

The set's tagline is:


  • A preconstructed deck with 52 cards. (Including 36 starter-only cards & 8 foiled ace cards)
  • Quick reference
  • Playmat
  • Rulebook
  • The illustrator for the Key Visual is オサム

Card ListEdit

Card No. Name Type Cluster Qty Rarity
1A-001 Asahi Reiji Caster Red 1 ST
1A-002 Ebisu Yui Caster Red 1 ST
1A-003 Ame-no-Uzume Unit Red 2 ST
1A-004 Orochi Unit Red 6 ST
1A-005 Shinden Unit Red 4 ST
1A-006 Shinden 2 Unit Red 4 ST
1A-007 Susano'o Unit Red 2 ST
1A-008 Hida Unit Red 4 ST
1A-009 Hida 2 Unit Red 4 ST
1A-010 Matsusaka Unit Red 3 ST
1A-011 Matsusaka 2 Unit Red 3 ST
1A-012 Mizuchi Unit Red 2 ST
1C-074 Mystical Power, Heat Haze Code Red 2 U
1C-075 Mystical Power, Whirlwind Cut Code Red 2 C
1C-076 Mystical Power, Kongou Code Red 3 C
1C-079 Mystical Power, Fierce Wind Code Red 4 C
1C-101 Dispel Code ALL 2 C
1C-103 Protection Code ALL 2 U
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