If a card is placed on the Speed Area, it becomes a speed card. Speed cards are primarily used at the "speed grade comparison" during Speed Phase.
You may use speed card that is in Open state on your Speed Area as if it's in your hand. Therefore, it may be used to pay discard costs or be cast. However, it does not count towards the number of cards in your hand. During the End Phase, all speed cards are discarded.

Speed BurnEdit

Speed burn automatically occurs when the speed grades of both players' speed cards are the same. Additionally, speed burn may occur more than once.

Speed burn is handled by the following procedures:

  1. After making sure that the speed grades listed on both speed cards are the same, each player discards their speed card. After that, each player reveals the top card of their deck again.
  2. Compare again the speed grades to determine which player is faster or slower. Repeat process #1 until the speed grade of your speed card is different from your opponent's.

Gear ChangeEdit

Gear Change is a part of an action conducted during Speed Phase. For more information regarding Gear Change, click here.