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Block 1Edit

Card No. Name Type Cluster
1P-001 Ame-no-Ohabari Unit Red
1P-002 Aphrodite Unit Blue
1P-003 Paimon Unit Black
1P-004 Kali Unit Yellow
1P-005 Berith Unit Black
1P-006 Suserihime Unit Red
1P-007 Deimos Unit Blue
1P-008 Foras Unit Black
1P-009 Puranrotya Unit Yellow
1P-010 Tsumatsuhime Unit Red
1P-011 Orpheus Unit Blue
1P-012 Purson Unit Black
1P-013 Apalala Unit Yellow
1P-014 Ame-no-Uzume Unit Red
1P-015 Susano'o Unit Red
1P-016 Mizuchi Unit Red
1P-017 Athena Unit Blue
1P-018 Ares Unit Blue
1P-019 Ladon Unit Blue
1P-020 Barley Unit Black
1P-021 Kartikeya Unit Yellow
1P-022 Harmonia Unit Blue
1P-023 Gremory Unit Black
1P-024 Yamatotakeru Unit Red
1P-025 Heracles Unit Blue
1P-026 Belphegor Unit Black
1P-027 Tilottama Unit Yellow
1P-028 Kurama Unit Red
1P-029 Sarg Unit Black
1P-030 Ashigara Unit Red
1P-031 Tanba Unit Red
1P-032 Kette Unit Black
1P-033 Neelakanta Unit Yellow

Block 2Edit

Card No. Name Type Cluster
2P-001 Ibarakidouji Unit Red
2P-002 Medea Unit Blue
2P-003 Circe Unit Blue
2P-004 Saleos Unit Black
2P-005 Ganesha Unit Yellow
2P-006 Nue Unit Red
2P-007 Harmonia Unit Blue
2P-008 Yamanba Unit Red
2P-009 Minotauros Unit Blue
2P-010 Dantalion Unit Black
2P-011 Vritra Unit Yellow
2P-012 Ame-no-Iwatowake Unit Red
2P-013 Enyo Unit Blue
2P-014 Armatura Unit Blue
2P-015 Tara Unit Yellow
2P-016 Dispel Code ALL
2P-017 Mystical Power, Kongou Code Red
2P-018 Ares's Ferocious Spear Code Blue
2P-019 Asmodeus's Discernment Code Black
2P-020 Lakshmi's Lotus Flower Code Yellow
2P-021 Mystical Power, Thunderfire Code Red
2P-022 Athena's Sparkling Shield Code Blue
2P-023 Vishnu's Clairvoyant Code Yellow
2P-025 Lanze Unit Black
2P-026 Cantor Unit Blue

Block 3Edit

Card No. Name Type Cluster
3P-001 Susano'o Unit Red
3P-002 Yumesaki Unit Red
3P-003 Spritze Unit Black
3P-004 Beelzebub Unit Black
3P-005 Skeggiold Unit Green
3P-006 Rossweisse Unit Green
3P-007 Rune of Wisent, Ullr Code Green
3P-008 Shiramine Unit Red
3P-009 Athena Unit Blue
3P-010 Eques Unit Blue
3P-011 Miles Unit Blue
3P-012 Prellung Unit Black
3P-013 Shiva Unit Yellow
3P-014 Jagadgauri Unit Yellow
3P-015 Chanti Unit Yellow
3P-016 Snotra Unit Green
3P-017 Azazel's Blustering Battle Spirit Code Black
3P-018 Rune of Yew, Eoh Code Green
3P-019 Mystical Power, Fierce Wind Code Red
3P-020 Sjofn Unit Green

Block 4Edit

Card No. Name Type Cluster
4P-001 O'otarashihime Unit Red
4P-002 Bune Unit Black
4P-003 Gullfaxi Unit Green
4P-004 Surtr Unit Green
4P-005 Natalie Nestle Caster Black
4P-006 Edgar Sockerkaka Caster Green
4P-007 Atalante Unit Blue
4P-008 Scylla Unit Blue
4P-009 Indrajit Unit Yellow
4P-010 Mandodari Unit Yellow
4P-011 Lucifer Idol Black
4P-012 Zeus Idol Blue
4P-013 Asahi Chizuru Caster Red
4P-014 Kalter Masui Caster Yellow
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