1c 014
Name O'oyamatsumi
Kanji オオヤマツミ
Phonetic O'oyamatsumi
Title 呪紋型超ド級牛頭
Title (English) Cursemark-Type Super Dreadnought-Class Minotaur
Card Type Unit
Cluster Red
Type Minotaur, God of Mountain
Log-Cost 2
Size L
Speed Grade B+
Cluster Req.

Change red bt01-offChange red bt01-off

BP 190
Illustrator F.S
Tournament Status Available
<Trigger> Spiritual Power Absorption [1]: (You may play this ability only when a code that you played has resolved.) Enchant one [Strengthen] on this unit.

<Ac> Ico ability check1Rampage [110+]: (Cost: Check this unit, Discard one card from your hand) Deal 110 damage to one enemy unit. If the discarded card is a code card, increase the damage of this effect by 20.

<Re> Ico ability hand1Awakening [BP+10]: FREE
Flavor Text
He is the mountain god who changes the force of reiki in Japan.
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