Code is one of five primary card types. The other being caster, unit, arms, and idol.


Code cards represent the miracles and mystical phenomena created from the image of mythologies and folklores. By pouring a kind of energy called "Log", a caster can deliver a variety of effects.

Once cast, unlike units, a code card will not remain on the field. When the effect of a code resolves, it is discarded (although, some of them may have exceptions).

Physical CharacteristicEdit

Code example

The following is the description of a code card's physical characteristic used to help you identifying them easily.

  1. The cluster of the card
  2. Code's effect (if there are two or more, select only one to use)
  3. Card's name
  4. The type of the card (in this case, it's "code")
  5. The log-cost required to cast the card
  6. Speed grade (see Speed Card)
  7. Deck construction condition
  8. Sub-Effect
  9. Card's flavor text
  10. Illustrator's name
  11. The card's collector's number and rarity

Note that number 9~11 currently do not affect the game in any way.