Caster is one of five primary card types. The other being unit, code, arms, and idol.

Overview Edit

Casters are those who are able to cast 'Codes' and summon deities (mighty gods and powerful monsters) from mythologies and folklore as 'Unit'. They summon units in order to protect themselves and to attack the enemies.

Casters that are considered as "main visual" of a chapter tend to have the "Soulbond" ability which allows them to strengthen their own Partner Deity.

List of "Main Visual" Casters Edit

Other CastersEdit

In Dreadnought TCGEdit

In-game, caster is the most important card type. A player always brings two caster cards, and both of them can't have the same name. They are not included in your 50-cards deck and you will start the game with both of them already in play.

Physical CharacteristicEdit

Caster example

The following is the description of a caster card's physical characteristic used to help you identifying them easily.

  1. The cluster of the card (used for deck construction condition)
  2. Card's abilities
  3. The amount of Hit Points at the start of the game
  4. Card's name
  5. The type of the card (in this case, it's "caster")
  6. Card's title
  7. Flavor text
  8. Illustrator's name
  9. The card's collector's number and its rarity

Note that number 6-9 currently do not affect the game in any way.

Casters with 0 HPEdit

There's no difference between a caster which has 0 HP and that which has full HP, from the start until the end of the game. A caster with no HP left will be able to continue fighting. In other words, you still can Check it to use abilities or Cast units in front of it.