4B. Judgement Day
Product Information
Japanese Name ジャッジメント・デイ
Phonetic Jyajjimento Dei
Release Date February 9th, 2017
Previous set Game of Desire
Next set Unknown

Judgement Day is the eighth booster pack (also known as "Chapter 8") of Dreadnought TCG.

The set's tagline is:

It will feature 40 new cards (including new idol cards introduced in Chapter 7) and 80 reprinted promo cards and cards from and before Chapter 5 and Spear of Carved Seal starter deck (among them are Konohanasakuyahime, Aphrodite, Vassago, Rati, and Brynhildr). Each pack will also come with two rare cards instead of just one.


  • Seven cards per pack
  • Twenty packs per box
  • 120 cards (40 new cards and 80 reprints) + 25 foiled parallel cards
    • 15 rare cards
    • 10 super rare cards
    • 5 dreadnought rare cards
    • 10 caster cards
    • 40 reprinted rare cards
    • 40 reprinted common cards
  • First box releases will include one among two PR cards: Scylla (blue) or Indrajit (yellow).
  • The illustrator for the Key Visual is 風花風花.

Characters IntroductionEdit

Asahi Chizuru

The older sister of one of Dreadnought TCG's main characters, Asahi Reiji. A perfect person capable of doing anything. She is basically a good-natured woman. Basically.
She seems to have a connection with the upper part of Yahata Academy City, and it looks like she is working on that relationship this time...
——She fights for the sake of her younger brother.


The world's unusual "sun goddess".
Basically depicted as a gentle motherly figure, [waiting for translation].
A famous myth was that the sunlight was once lost from the world while she was hiding in Ame-no-Iwato.

Kalter Masui

A yoga practitioner, a hero for all members of Rig Veda, and also a young man who was raised as the face of the organization.
Long ago, he seemed to have made a promise with a friend, and [waiting for translation].
——He fights for the sake of that promise.


The most famous god, as he is one pillar among the three highest gods of Indian mythology, along with Shiva. He already existed before the universe was born and is said to govern the "preservation of the world".
He rides the divine bird Garuda, whose incarnation is depicted with many forms such as fish, turtle, boar, and half-human-half-lion.

First-Produced Boxes Enclosed Privilege CampaignEdit

This time as well, the first-produced boxes randomly include one among two promo cards that normally acts as the prize of tournament.

Feature: Double RaresEdit

Two pieces of rare cards are included in each pack. The design of the card's frame is also adjusted to fit the new one's.

Card ListEdit

Card No. Name Type Cluster Rarity
4B-001 Asahi Chizuru Caster Red CA
4B-002 Kenbishi Taizen Caster Red CA
4B-003 Agatha Benedict Caster Blue CA
4B-004 Crema Saint-Germain Caster Blue CA
4B-005 Damien Movenpick Caster Black CA
4B-006 Roshi Clie Caster Black CA
4B-007 Kalter Masui Caster Yellow CA
4B-008 Hisamitsu Rajiv Caster Yellow CA
4B-009 Eliot Sockerkaka Caster Green CA
4B-010 Caroline Bourbon Caster Green CA
4B-011 Amaterasu Idol Red DR
4B-012 Hera Idol Blue DR
4B-013 Astaroth Idol Black DR
4B-014 Vishnu Idol Yellow DR
4B-015 Urthr Idol Green DR
4B-016 Ame-no-Ohabari Unit Red R
4B-017 Ichikishimahime Unit Red R
4B-018 O'ogetsuhime Unit Red SR
4B-019 Ninigi Unit Red SR
4B-020 Futsunushi Unit Red R
4B-021 Atalante Unit Blue R
4B-022 Orthros Unit Blue R
4B-023 Chimera Unit Blue SR
4B-024 Brontes Unit Blue R
4B-025 Hector Unit Blue SR
4B-026 Asmodeus Unit Black SR
4B-027 Gamigin Unit Black R
4B-028 Sitri Unit Black R
4B-029 Baal Unit Black SR
4B-030 Furfur Unit Black R
4B-031 Garuda Unit Yellow SR
4B-032 Krishna Unit Yellow SR
4B-033 Shurpanakha Unit Yellow R
4B-034 Maricha Unit Yellow R
4B-035 Ravana Unit Yellow R
4B-036 Gerdr Unit Green R
4B-037 Skuld Unit Green R
4B-038 Freyr Unit Green SR
4B-039 Freyja Unit Green SR
4B-040 Hresvelgr Unit Green R


Card No. Name Type Cluster Rarity
4R-001 Seko Tsunade Caster Red ReR
4R-002 Degirmen Hartman Caster Blue ReR
4R-003 Hoshio Gerda Caster Black ReR
4R-004 Gauri Metasin Caster Yellow ReR
4R-005 Ullica Tirol Caster Green ReR
4R-006 Akaoni Unit Red ReC
4R-007 Ashigara Unit Red ReC
4R-008 Umugihime Unit Red ReR
4R-009 O'oyatsuhime Unit Red ReR
4R-010 Konohanasakuyahime Unit Red ReR
4R-011 Sarutahiko Unit Red ReR
4R-012 Shutendouji Unit Red ReR
4R-013 Takeminakata Unit Red ReR
4R-014 Tsumatsuhime Unit Red ReR
4R-015 Tenrai Unit Red ReC
4R-016 Yamanba Unit Red ReC
4R-017 Raiki Unit Red ReR
4R-018 Aphrodite Unit Blue ReR
4R-019 Ares Unit Blue ReR
4R-020 Antiope Unit Blue ReR
4R-021 Cydoimos Unit Blue ReR
4R-022 Kris Unit Blue ReC
4R-023 Ceryneia Unit Blue ReC
4R-024 Deimos Unit Blue ReR
4R-025 Theseus Unit Blue ReR
4R-026 Demeter Unit Blue ReR
4R-027 Heracles Unit Blue ReR
4R-028 Minotauros Unit Blue ReC
4R-029 Medea Unit Blue ReR
4R-030 Vassago Unit Black ReR
4R-031 Gespenst Unit Black ReC
4R-032 Sargatanas Unit Black ReR
4R-033 Sarg Unit Black ReC
4R-034 Saleos Unit Black ReR
4R-035 Dunkelheit Unit Black ReC
4R-036 Barley Unit Black ReC
4R-037 Bifron Unit Black ReR
4R-038 Foras Unit Black ReR
4R-039 Purson Unit Black ReR
4R-040 Paimon Unit Black ReR
4R-041 Belphegor Unit Black ReR
4R-042 Airavata Unit Yellow ReR
4R-043 Onkot Unit Yellow ReC
4R-044 Kartikeya Unit Yellow ReC
4R-045 Sagara Unit Yellow ReR
4R-046 Sarasvati Unit Yellow ReR
4R-047 Sheta Unit Yellow ReR
4R-048 Jala Unit Yellow ReC
4R-049 Tara Unit Yellow ReC
4R-050 Hanuman Unit Yellow ReR
4R-051 Meganada Unit Yellow ReR
4R-052 Lakshmi Unit Yellow ReR
4R-053 Rati Unit Yellow ReR
4R-054 Waltraute Unit Green ReR
4R-055 Geri & Freki Unit Green ReC
4R-056 Ger Unit Green ReC
4R-057 Skeggiold Unit Green ReC
4R-058 Brynhildr Unit Green ReR
4R-059 Moinn II Unit Green ReC
4R-060 Lofn Unit Green ReR
4R-061 Mystical Power, Kongou Code Red ReC
4R-062 Mystical Power, Thunderfire Code Red ReC
4R-063 Mystical Power, Fierce Wind Code Red ReC
4R-064 Athena's Sparkling Shield Code Blue ReC
4R-065 Apollon's Arrow Shower Code Blue ReC
4R-066 Ares's Ferocious Spear Code Blue ReC
4R-067 Asmodeus's Discernment Code Black ReC
4R-068 Berith's Armor of Darkness Code Black ReC
4R-069 Beelzebub's Dark Wind Code Black ReC
4R-070 Indra's Arrow Code Yellow ReC
4R-071 Vishnu's Clairvoyant Code Yellow ReC
4R-072 Lakshmi's Lotus Flower Code Yellow ReC
4R-073 Rune of Yew, Eoh Code Green ReC
4R-074 Rune of Thorn, Torn Code Green ReC
4R-075 Rune of Wisent, Ullr Code Green ReC
4R-076 Dispel Code ALL ReC
4R-077 Destroy Code ALL ReC
4R-078 Freeze Code ALL ReC
4R-079 Protection Code ALL ReC
4R-080 Resist Code ALL ReC

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