3C. Code Vanargand
Product Information
Japanese Name コード・ヴァナルガンド
Phonetic Ko̅do Vanarugando
Release Date July 28th, 2016
Previous set Greenwind Saga
Next set Game of Desire

Code Vanargand is the sixth booster pack (also known as "Chapter 6") of Dreadnought TCG.

The set's tagline is:


  • Seven cards per pack
  • Twenty packs per box
  • 84 cards + 24 foiled parallel cards
    • 25 common cards
    • 20 uncommon cards
    • 15 rare cards
    • 12 super rare cards
    • 12 caster cards
  • The illustrator for the Key Visual is オサム.

Characters IntroductionEdit

Ebisu Yui

Asahi Reiji's classmate, a person who wants to help people in trouble, and also the veritable class president. She traveled abroad in her two weeks break from school, But then she met Eliot, and became the one who knew his circumstances....
——She fights for the sake of her responsibilities.


Yui's Partner Deity, the art god of sunlight cycle.
She lured out the sun god Amaterasu who were holed up in Ame-no-Iwato, which brought back the daylight to the world. This was the beginning of "Kagura".

Eliot Sockerkaka

A mysterious boy who one day suddenly appeared in front of Yui. He however was helped while in a weakened state, meaning that his circumstances was apparently not normal....?
——He fights for the sake of seal.


Eliot's Partner Deity, a god-devouring mystic wolf.
Spent a long time chained by the gods who feared his ferocity, but he is going to be unleashed during the Ragnarok. His role is to take vengeance by swallowing the king of gods Odin.


Dual cluster with greenEdit

The cluster green which was introduced in Chapter 5 is now used in a combination with other clusters. Thus, new deck types are born, led by many unique Ultra Dreadnought-Class units.

Mono-cluster and coalitionEdit

Not only green, this set also enhances the existing mono-cluster decks. The main types among those clusters receive boost in the form of units with "Coalition" ability.

Notable cardsEdit

  • Konohanachiruhime, a card similar to Konohanasakuyahime, but with A++ speed and more benefit if it's played from the Speed Area.
  • Hestia could give [Strengthen] Enchantments during Fast Phase. Has potential to be put in many decks since it isn't tied to any type.
  • Grimgerde, with "Code Transformation" ability that could enhance defense during Action Phase.

"Follow Through the [Uncharted Island]!" CampaignEdit

(To be written)

Card ListEdit

Card No. Name Type Cluster Rarity
3C-001 Ebisu Yui Caster Red CA
3C-002 Bon Ju'uemon Caster Red CA
3C-003 Alice Fiftybell Caster Blue CA
3C-004 Magari Morgan Caster Blue CA
3C-005 Yamazaki Karen Caster Blue CA
3C-006 Adelina Guatemala Caster Black CA
3C-007 Paulo Aycock Caster Black CA
3C-008 Ishio Pampelonne Caster Yellow CA
3C-009 Padma Astellas Caster Yellow CA
3B-010 Lulu Diyida Caster Yellow CA
3B-011 Eliot Sockerkaka Caster Green CA
3B-012 Morinaga Dolis Caster Green CA
3B-013 Akiba Unit Red C
3B-014 Ame-no-Uzume Unit Red SR
3B-015 O'oyabiko Unit Red R
3B-016 Konohanachiruhime Unit Red SR
3B-017 Shiramine Unit Red U
3B-018 Takao Unit Red C
3B-019 Takao 2 Unit Red C
3C-020 Tokachi Unit Red U
3C-021 Nunakawahime Unit Red R
3C-022 Hitachi Unit Red C
3C-023 Byakko Unit Red R
3C-024 Achilles Unit Blue SR
3C-025 Eques Unit Blue C
3C-026 Enyo Unit Blue R
3C-027 Cygnus Unit Blue U
3C-028 Defensio Unit Blue C
3C-029 Defensio II Unit Blue C
3C-030 Tethys Unit Blue R
3C-031 Hestia Unit Blue SR
3C-032 Hephaestus Unit Blue SR
3C-033 Miles Unit Blue U
3C-034 Metis Unit Blue R
3C-035 Vual Unit Black R
3C-036 Gauntlet Unit Black U
3C-037 Kobold Unit Black C
3C-038 Kornmohme Unit Black U
3C-039 Zagan Unit Black SR
3C-040 Baphomet Unit Black SR
3C-041 Prellung Unit Black U
3C-042 Bezaubernd Unit Black U
3C-043 Leidenschaft Unit Black C
3C-044 Rahab Unit Black R
3C-045 Leviathan Unit Black R
3C-046 Aranyani Unit Yellow R
3C-047 Visvachi Unit Yellow C
3C-048 Kali Unit Yellow SR
3C-049 Jagadgauri Unit Yellow C
3B-050 Chanti Unit Yellow U
3B-051 Nataraja Unit Yellow C
3B-052 Nataraja II Unit Yellow C
3B-053 Parvati Unit Yellow R
3B-054 Puranrotya Unit Yellow R
3B-055 Prithvi Unit Yellow SR
3B-056 Authumbla Unit Green U
3B-057 Volundr Unit Green U
3B-058 Garmr Unit Green R
3B-059 Grimgerde Unit Green SR
3B-060 Schwertleite Unit Green R
3B-061 Snotra Unit Green U
3B-062 Snotra II Unit Green C
3B-063 Trudr Unit Green U
3B-064 Fenrir Unit Green SR
3B-065 Hel Unit Green SR
3B-066 Managarmr Unit Green R
3B-067 Mystical Power, Whirlwind Cut Code Red U
3B-068 Mystical Power, Prominence Code Red C
3B-069 Mystical Power, Water Mirror Code Red C
3C-070 Heracles's Body of Steel Code Blue C
3C-071 Perseus's Evil-Destroying Sword Code Blue U
3C-072 Azazel's Blustering Battle Spirit Code Black U
3C-073 Baphomet's Thunder of Darkness Code Black C
3C-074 Rahab's Thunderous Dragon Cry Code Black C
3C-075 Agni's Purifying Fire Code Yellow U
3C-076 Urvashi's Bubbles of Milky Ocean Code Yellow C
3C-077 Shiva's Third Eye Code Yellow C
3C-078 Prithvi's Anger of the Earth Code Yellow U
3C-079 Rune of Ice, Is Code Green C
3C-080 Rune of Earth, Jara Code Green C
3C-081 Rune of Sword, Tyr Code Green C
3C-082 Golden Sword, Chrysaor Arms Blue U
3C-083 Spiritual Instrument, Pelias Arms Blue C
3C-084 Sealing Chain, Gleipnir Arms Green U
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