1D. Twilight Howling
DN 2 piro sam-300x300
Product Information
Japanese Name トワイライト・ハウリング
Phonetic Towairaito Haurin'gu
Release Date August 27th, 2015
Previous set Those Who Do Not Fear Even Gods
Next set Netherworld

Twilight Howling is the second booster pack (also known as "Chapter 2") of Dreadnought TCG.

The set's tagline is:


  • Seven cards per pack
  • Twenty packs per box
  • First box releases included two PR cards
  • 104 cards + 24 foiled parallel cards
    • 36 common cards
    • 28 uncommon cards
    • 16 rare cards
    • 12 super rare cards
    • 12 caster cards
  • The illustrator for the Key Visual is 片桐いくみ


Card ListEdit

Card No. Name Type Cluster Rarity
1D-001 Seko Tsunade Caster Red CA
1D-002 Ten'yurin Takeru Caster Red CA
1D-003 Toyoaki Kichou Caster Red CA
1D-004 Takaki Yuki Caster Blue CA
1D-005 Teo Magnolia Caster Blue CA
1D-006 Rola Tribeca Caster Blue CA
1D-007 Ueshima Hilde Caster Black CA
1D-008 Gotthard Dallmayr Caster Black CA
1D-009 Norbert Georgia Caster Black CA
1D-010 Eizai Erika Caster Yellow CA
1D-011 Hanaoka Hitomi Caster Yellow CA
1D-012 Roche Sharma Caster Yellow CA
1D-013 Ashigara Unit Red C
1D-014 Ashigara 2 Unit Red C
1D-015 Atago Unit Red U
1D-016 Ishikoridome Unit Red R
1D-017 Inaba Unit Red U
1D-018 Iwatsutsuno'o Unit Red R
1D-019 Uka-no-Mitama Unit Red SR
1D-020 Oumi Unit Red C
1D-021 Kamio'oichihime Unit Red SR
1D-022 Kibitsuhiko Unit Red R
1D-023 Gyu'uki Unit Red U
1D-024 Kintoki Unit Red R
1D-025 Shiden Unit Red C
1D-026 Jinrai Unit Red C
1D-027 Jinrai 2 Unit Red C
1D-028 Tanba Unit Red U
1D-029 Tenrai Unit Red U
1D-030 Yamatotakeru Unit Red SR
1D-031 Aegis Unit Blue U
1D-032 Aegis II Unit Blue U
1D-033 Aspis Unit Blue U
1D-034 Aspis II Unit Blue U
1D-035 Eris Unit Blue SR
1D-036 Erymanthos Unit Blue U
1D-037 Castor & Pollux Unit Blue R
1D-038 Kris Unit Blue U
1D-039 Chiron Unit Blue R
1D-040 Cerberus Unit Blue SR
1D-041 Saltator Unit Blue C
1D-042 Nemea Unit Blue C
1D-043 Nemea II Unit Blue C
1D-044 Pegasus Unit Blue C
1D-045 Pegasus II Unit Blue C
1D-046 Heracles Unit Blue SR
1D-047 Bellerophon Unit Blue R
1D-048 Metis Unit Blue R
1D-049 Andrealphus Unit Black U
1D-050 Vual Unit Black SR
1D-051 Eligor Unit Black R
1D-052 Gurtel Unit Black U
1D-053 Gurtel II Unit Black U
1D-054 Kette Unit Black U
1D-055 Gefangnis Unit Black C
1D-056 Gefangnis II Unit Black C
1D-057 Schatten Unit Black U
1D-058 Barghest Unit Black C
1D-059 Barghest II Unit Black C
1D-060 Bathin Unit Black SR
1D-061 Halphas Unit Black R
1D-062 Fahne Unit Black C
1D-063 Paimon Unit Black R
1D-064 Belphegor Unit Black SR
1D-065 Malphas Unit Black R
1D-066 Manticore Unit Black C
1D-067 Manticore II Unit Black C
1D-068 Adrika Unit Yellow C
1D-069 Adrika II Unit Yellow C
1D-070 Anjana Unit Yellow C
1D-071 Anjana II Unit Yellow C
1D-072 Vayu Unit Yellow SR
1D-073 Uragas Unit Yellow C
1D-074 Uragas II Unit Yellow C
1D-075 Kama Unit Yellow SR
1D-076 Shakuntala Unit Yellow C
1D-077 Shakuntala II Unit Yellow C
1D-078 Shankapala Unit Yellow U
1D-079 Taksaka Unit Yellow R
1D-080 Tilottama Unit Yellow SR
1D-081 Durga Unit Yellow R
1D-082 Nandin Unit Yellow R
1D-083 Neelakanta Unit Yellow U
1D-084 Marisha Unit Yellow U
1D-085 Mucalinda Unit Yellow U
1D-086 Menaka Unit Yellow R
1D-087 Mystical Power, Crushing Wave Code Red U
1D-088 Mystical Power, Narukami Code Red U
1D-089 Mystical Power, Exorcism Code Red C
1D-090 Mystical Power, Thunder Beast Code Red C
1D-091 Artemis's Moonlight Arrow Code Blue U
1D-092 Hephaestus's Forged Armor Code Blue C
1D-093 Hera's Oath Obligation Code Blue C
1D-094 Hermes's Whim Code Blue U
1D-095 Valefar's Fingertip Code Black U
1D-096 Ukobach's Fiery Spoon Code Black U
1D-097 Sabnac's Wound of Maggots Code Black C
1D-098 Lilith's Banquet of Dream Code Black C
1D-099 Ushas's Daybreak Light Code Yellow U
1D-100 Shiva's Third Eye Code Yellow U
1D-101 Surya's Solar Radiance Code Yellow C
1D-102 Ratri's Nocturnal Darkness Code Yellow C
1D-103 Striking Code ALL C
1D-104 Destroy Code ALL C
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