1c 053
Name Ananta
Kanji アナンタ
Phonetic Ananta
Title 決戦型超ド級ナーガ
Title (English) Battle-Type Super Dreadnought-Class Naga
Card Type Unit
Cluster Yellow
Type Dragon, Naga
Log-Cost 2
Size L
Speed Grade B+
Cluster Req.

Change yellow bt01-off

BP 190
Illustrator タカヤマトシアキ
Tournament Status Available
<Ac> Ico ability check1Poison of the Dragon King [80]: (Cost: Check this unit, Pay ①) Deal 80 damage to all enemy units in one Battle Area.

<Re> Ico ability infinity1Dragon Eyes [+20]: (Cost: Pay ①, Discard one [Dragon] card from your hand) Until end of the reaction chain, each ability damage or code damage that would be dealt to one enemy unit is increased by 20.

<Re> Ico ability hand1Awakening [BP+10]: FREE
Flavor Text
Unique to this world, an existing infinite.
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